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File Dental Insurance Claims

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If you have ever used dental insurance, you know that it can sometimes be a complicated process. There are papers to fill out, forms to send in, verifications to pass from the dentist to the insurance provider, and co-payments to make.

If everything goes well, your dentist will be reimbursed by your insurance provider within a reasonable amount of time for the services provided to you. But what happens if something is wrong with the paperwork?

If your paperwork is not filled out or submitted correctly, your dentist may have to wait a long time for reimbursement. This can be avoided if you take some time to learn how to file dental insurance claims.

Follow the Instructions Your Insurance Company Provides

Your insurance provider should give you some guidance on how to file dental insurance claims. After all, their requirements dictate the majority of the guidelines you'll have to follow when filing a claim.

In the literature you receive when you sign up for a dental insurance policy, there should be some paperwork telling you how to file dental insurance claims. Every provider will have different requirements and policies, so the information that they give you should be the first place you go for answers.

If your insurance provider didn't clearly explain how to file dental insurance claims, there is usually a simple formula that they follow. A patient information form is filled out upon your first visit to a dentist. You record your personal information and insurance information on this form, and it is entered into the dentist's records.

After the dentist performs the required procedures, the paperwork pertaining to what was done will be added to your record. This record, along with all of your insurance information, should be sent to your insurance provider.

Some providers require you to send all information in by mail, and some allow you to enter most of it electronically. Some providers also require that you use a special form to enter all necessary information, while others accept the standard American Dental Association forms.

If All Else Fails

As you can see, it's difficult to say how to file dental insurance claims without knowing the specific requirements of your dental insurance provider. The above should give you some basic information about what to expect when you file your claims.

If you are still having trouble figuring out how to file dental insurance claims, it may help to give your insurance provider a call. Insurance companies understand that not everyone is an insurance expert, so they are willing to help. Larger providers often have a dedicated help line for just that reason.